25 BEST 1.19 Minecraft Seeds: RANKED

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After what felt like forever, Minecraft 1.19 has finally been released. And with it comes two new biomes and four new mobs. We’ve scoured the internet to bring you a list of the best Minecraft 1.19 seeds.

In these worlds, you’ll be able to explore massive Mangrove biomes or sneak around in Ancient Cities. You’ll find Woodland Mansions and awesome terrain generation to create amazing builds.

Ready to explore? Let’s go!

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A quick note

These 1.19 Minecraft seeds will work in both Java and Bedrock. The only thing to note is that the structure generation might change–including villages and Ancient Cities.

We used a Chunkbase map for each world shown in this article.


Massive Mangrove Swamp

Massive Mangrove Swamp

Seed: 28000016
Coordinates of Screenshot: At Spawn

Get your chest boat ready – you’ll need it to explore this massive Mangrove biome. With mud as far as the eye can see, this Minecraft 1.19 seed will not disappoint. You can float down rivers, catch frogs or even spot a witch or two.

If you skirt around the edges of the Mangrove, you’ll find jungle, Savannah and desert biomes. We also spotted a witch hut, a desert village and a desert temple.

We highly recommend this seed if you want to experience what a Mangrove holds.


Witch’s Hut (X: 518.5 Z: 34.5)Ruined Portal (X: 118.5 Z: 354.5)Desert Temple (X: -825.6 Z:122.5)Desert Village (X: -485.5 Z:-257.5)

Chunkbase Map - Minecraft 1.19 Seed 28000016Chunkbase Map – Minecraft 1.19 Seed 28000016


Mangrove & Villager Outpost

Mangrove & Villager Outpost

Seed: 19000055
Coordinates of Screenshot:: X: -240 Z: 192

Spawning on top of a mountain peak, you’ll have a scenic view of an ocean in front of you. If you venture to your right, you’ll find the entrance to a mangrove swamp. Just behind, pillagers stand their ground. 

Once you take control of their tower and *** the loot, you can explore further into the Mangrove. 

If you explore a little further, you’ll find a plains village next to a ruined portal. This biome is perfect for those that like a little bit of action. 


Ship Wreck (X: -136 Z: 200) Plains Village (X: -432 Z: 96) Mineshaft (X: -424 Z: 152) Ruined Portal (X: -376 Z: 40)

Chunkbase Map - Minecraft 1.19 Seed 19000055Chunkbase Map – Minecraft 1.19 Seed 19000055


Mountain Cove & Mangrove

Mountain Cove & Mangrove

Seed: 41000080
Coordinates of Screenshot:: X: 25 Z: -175

You’re dropped into this world on a mountain range of Windswept Savanna peaks. On your right, there should be a river winding inland. If you follow the river, you’ll soon discover the Mangrove Swamp.

But what makes this seed one of the best Minecraft 1.19 seeds is a naturally spawned ‘cove’. There is a tiny spot of Ocean surrounded by tall mountain peaks. This is perfect for builders or anyone who loves the ocean biomes.

The seed also features not one but two Ocean Monuments within traveling distance. In addition, cutting through the Mangrove Swamp will take you to a Savanna Village.


Ocean Monument 1 (X: -296 Z: -488)Savanna Village (X: 736 Z: -480)Ocean Monument 2 (X: 616 Z: 40)Mineshaft (X: 200 Z: -120)

Chunkbase Map - Minecraft 1.19 Seed 41000080Chunkbase Map – Minecraft 1.19 Seed 41000080


Dormant Volcano

Dormant Volcano

Seed: 8558586801590466399
Coordinates of Screenshot: X: 179 Z: -446

The Chunkbase Map below does not do this seed justice. Just behind spawn is a massive mountain range in the form of a crescent. Its mountain peak is capped with snow, and its ridge hides a forest behind it.

The seed offers a ton of biomes within a reasonable distance from spawn. These include an old growth birch forest as well as a Bamboo Forest. You’ll find plenty of Badlands, Savannah and Dark Forest as well.

However, a real gem to this seed is underground. You’ll find an Ancient City under the mountain range if you dig down. This seed is excellent for lore, RPG and builders.


Savanna Village (X: 80 Z: 16)Ancient City (X: 168 Y: -51 Z: -216)Jungle Temple (X: -504 Z: -648) Desert Temple (X: 1,032 Z: 584)

Chunkbase Map - Minecraft 1.19 Seed 8558586801590466399Chunkbase Map – Minecraft 1.19 Seed 8558586801590466399


Zombie Savanna Village

Zombie Savanna Village

Seed: 57000088
Coordinates of Screenshot:: X: -400 Z: 195

Have you ever wondered what happens to a village after a zombie rampage? Well, it becomes a zombie village, of course. For added creepiness? This zombie village is being engulfed by a Mangrove Swamp.

With some imagination, this Minecraft 1.19 seed is magical and scary. Once you’ve reclaimed the village from the undead, you should prepare for a long journey.

If you head north and slightly west, you’ll find a Woodland Mansion. While you might have already explored one, they’re home to a new mob – the Allay.


Woodland Mansion (X: 360 Z: -744)Witch’s Hut (X: -168 Z: 600) Savanna Village (X: -880 Z: -480) Plains Ruined Portal (X: -520 Z: 280)

Chunkbase Map - Minecraft 1.19 Seed 57000088Chunkbase Map – Minecraft 1.19 Seed 57000088


The Eye of Minecraft

The Eye of Minecraft

Seed: 4776164391216949839
Coordinates of Screenshot:: X: 1260 Y: 10 Z: -842

Grinding for ender pearls can be a hassle, especially when trying to get to the end as soon as possible. Luckily, this Minecraft 1.19 seed generates a world with an already assembled and activated End Portal. However, just because it’s ready to use, don’t underestimate the stronghold. It’s still filled with terrors, and you’ll need to face the Ender Dragon on the other side.

To find the stronghold, travel to these coordinates: X: 1146, Y: 63, Z: -637

Other highlights of the seed include several ocean monuments, villages and igloos. There’s even an Ancient City close to spawn.


Snowy Village (X: 192 Z: 224)Ancient City (X: 440 Y: -51 Z: 120) Igloo with basement (X: 72 Z: 56) Ocean Monument (X: -360 Z: 168)

Chunkbase Map - Minecraft 1.19 Seed 4776164391216949839Chunkbase Map – Minecraft 1.19 Seed 4776164391216949839


Waterfall To Ancient City

Waterfall To Ancient City

Seed: 848592331319609162
Coordinates of Screenshot:: X: 456 Y: -51 Z: -248

This is the best seed for you if you’re looking for an easy way to find an Ancient City. However, you’ll have to hike through some snow first.

You spawn on a snowy mountain which leads down to a frozen lake. Then, you can either travel to the nearest snowy village or head towards the Deep Dark biome.

Once you find the cave entrance with the coordinates above, you can ride a waterfall down into the depths. Once at the bottom, you’ll find a huge cavern with an Ancient City inside.


Igloo (X: 72 Z: -200)Snowy Village (X: -176 Z: 176) 2nd Ancient City (X: -536 Y: -51 Z: -328) Mushroom Fields (X: 1752 Z: 1125)

Chunkbase Map - Minecraft 1.19 Seed 848592331319609162Chunkbase Map – Minecraft 1.19 Seed 848592331319609162


Vikings Paradise

Vikings Paradise

Seed: 105849523
Coordinates of Screenshot: X 26 Z: -35

You’ll find a snowy village surrounded by icy spikes at spawn. While this is a fun, snowy start, you’ll need to navigate through the spikes to find a forest. In addition, you’ll need to keep an eye out for the pillager outpost not far from your ice barricade. However, if you’re ready for a Viking adventure, defeating the pillagers will award you with two Allays.

In addition, there are multiple villages in the vicinity that you can unite to form a Viking kingdom. You’ll also find a woodland mansion to the west and several ocean monuments in the depths of the surrounding oceans.


Pillager Outpost (X: 320 Z: 128)2nd Snowy Village (X: 16 Z: -400)Igloo (with basement) (X: -264 Z: 328) Woodland Mansion (X: -1,848 Z: -1,032)

Chunkbase Map - Minecraft 1.19 Seed 105849523Chunkbase Map – Minecraft 1.19 Seed 105849523


Lake And Snowy Mountains

Lake And Snowy Mountains

Seed: -6614148827412908321
Coordinates of Screenshot: X -540 Z: -928

While this scenic view isn’t next to spawn, it’s definitely worth the walk. You’ll find a Tiaga Village nestled into the side of a mountain, which overlooks a lake. The island in the middle of the lake would be perfect for a mansion. And behind it is a stunning icy mountain range.

The seed does have more to offer, though. Near spawn is a Zombie Plains Village as well as buried treasure. As you explore outwards, you’ll also find an Igloo and Plains Village.


Taiga Village (X: -736 Z: -928)Zombie Plains Village (X: 368 Z: 208)Buried Treasure (X: 569 Z: -151) Igloo (with basement) (X: 616 Z: -392)

Chunkbase Map - Minecraft 1.19 Seed -6614148827412908321Chunkbase Map – Minecraft 1.19 Seed -6614148827412908321


Desert Village And Mangrove Swamp

Desert Village And Mangrove Swamp

Seed: s
Coordinates of Screenshot:: X: -327 Z: -330

If you’re looking for a seed with the best of both worlds, this seed is for you.

You’ll spawn in the middle of a desert – but don’t fret, there’s a desert well right by spawn. If that’s not captivating enough, you can wander a bit further; you’ll find a long and winding river. Follow that river to the right (towards the coordinates above), and you’ll float past the desert dunes.

Upon spotting a ruined portal, you’ll find your first desert village. Now you can cross the desert and find a Mangrove Swamp next to another desert village. This is perfect for builders as sandstone, and mangrove planks work well together as a palette.


Desert Temple 1 (X: 152 Z: -296)Desert Temple 2 (X: -472 Z: 200) Pillager Outpost (X: 1,056 Z: 16) Badlands (X: 420 Z: -75)

Chunkbase Map - Minecraft 1.19 Seed 5078024732815025033Chunkbase Map – Minecraft 1.19 Seed 5078024732815025033


Desert Monolith

Desert Monolith

Seed: 416469024
Coordinates of Screenshot: X: 6 Z: 255

Natural-forming monoliths are always fun to explore. While you may spawn in the relatively new Mangrove biome, you’ll find a desert on the other side of the dense trees. If you follow the coordinates, you’ll stumble across a desert monolith that towers above the ocean and surrounding desert.

The seed found by Gaspoweredpick also contains a badlands biome and desert village. In addition, the seed also boasts a pillager outpost, river systems, two ruined portals and a desert temple. If you explore further, you’ll also find two ancient cities.

This seed is for you if you enjoy exploring the desert sands or the deep dark.

Pillager Outpost (X: 128 Z: -224)Desert Village (X: -272 Z: -288)1st Desert Temple (X: -296 Z: 344)Ancient City (X: -1,096 Y: -51 Z: -280)

Chunkbase Map - Minecraft 1.19 Seed 416469024Chunkbase Map – Minecraft 1.19 Seed 416469024


Builder’s Landscape

Builder's Landscape

Seed: -266100150045570408
Coordinates of Screenshot: X: 188 Z: 24

When you jump into Minecraft wanting to build a new kingdom, rocky terrain can be annoying. Many Minecraft builders prefer flatter terrain with scenic backdrops. This seed is precisely that.

Just away from spawn is a starter village where you can set up base before expanding. There are also two Pillager Outposts reasonably close to spawn and an Ocean Monument at the corner of the map.

One of the best parts is that the closest Pillager Outpost has four Allays instead of just two. That’s a bonus if you want to build an Allay army!


Pillager Outpost (X: -240 Z: -240)Ruined Portal (X: 312 Z: 8)Ancient City (X: -280 Y: -51 Z: -648) Ocean Monument (X: -1,192 Z: 648)

Chunkbase Map - Minecraft 1.19 Seed -266100150045570408Chunkbase Map – Minecraft 1.19 Seed -266100150045570408


Winter Is Here

Winter Is Here

Seed: 1926778759136025092
Coordinates of Screenshot: X: -448 Z: -177

Check out this seed if you’ve been looking to build some frozen castles or Game of Thrones builds. Not only does it have a ton of villages to start off with, but it also has fantastic building terrain.

This Minecraft 1.19 seed is excellent for anyone wanting to build on a snowy mountain that isn’t riddled with peaks. Instead, the landscape has many build possibilities with higher plateaus and cold valleys – from ice walls to castles.


Snowy Village(X: -432 Z: 240)Pillager Outpost (X: -176 Z: -144)Igloo (with basement) (X: 56 Z: -408) Plains Village (X: 208 Z: 64)

Chunkbase Map - Minecraft 1.19 Seed 1926778759136025092Chunkbase Map – Minecraft 1.19 Seed 1926778759136025092


Lush Cavern

Lush Cavern

Seed: 8486672581758651406
Coordinates of Screenshot:: X: 1 Y: 46 Z: 108

You’ll want to check this seed out if you’re in love with the lush caves biome. An entire mountain is completely hollow yet stuffed with lush caves, abandoned mineshafts and piercing stalactites.

You’ll start your game in a mystical roofed forest. However, travel to these coordinates and soon find the mountain. (X: 17 Y: 82 Z: 41) It’s the perfect seed if you prefer hiding underground to exploring in the sunlight.

The map also boasts an ancient city, two villages in travel distance and two ocean monuments. Not to mention the woodland mansion that is just south of spawn.


Woodlands Mansion (X: -432 Z: 240)Ancient City (X: -176 Z: -144)Ocean Monument (with basement) (X: 56 Z: -408) Plains Village (X: -800 Z: 320)

Chunkbase Map - Minecraft 1.19 Seed 8486672581758651406Chunkbase Map – Minecraft 1.19 Seed 8486672581758651406


Village And Pillage

Village And Pillage

Seed: 1976821797309326280
Coordinates of Screenshot:: X: 54 Z: 545

After spawning in a Savanna, you can follow the coordinates below to the Savanna village. You can set up base here for an easy start – access to tons of food and shelter.

You can follow the river to a pillager outpost () when you’re all kitted up. Then, like the Vikings, you can attack from the river and claim your reward. In addition, you’ll find some small blue-winged friends.

Once you get a taste of the action, you can head over to the Woodland Mansion and unleash your wrath.


Plains Village (X: 240 Z: -256)Savanna Village (X: 224 Z: 128)Ocean Monument (X: 1,784 Z: -248) Woodland Mansion (X: 1,640 Z: 648)

Chunkbase Map - Minecraft 1.19 Seed 1976821797309326280Chunkbase Map – Minecraft 1.19 Seed 1976821797309326280


The Explorers Dream

The Explorers Dream

Seed: 2296616468809785931
Coordinates of Screenshot:: X: 1606 Y: -51 Z: 90

Why set up a base when there’s a whole world to explore? Well, if that’s your mindset, this is the best Minecraft 1.19 seed for you. With multiple structures to explore, you’ll never get bored.

First, you can travel west and find a cluster of Ancient Cities. There are 15 of them, to be exact. Then, you can continue west if you escape the Warden and make it out from the Deep Dark. You’ll find an ocean with 8 Ocean Monuments and a Mushroom Field island there.

In addition, there are tons of villages to explore and two Woodland Mansions.


Closest Plains Village (X: 544 Z: 304)Closest Woodland Mansion (X: -824 Z: -776)Closest Ocean Monument (X: 152 Z: -792) Closest Ancient City (X: 1,640 Y: -51 Z: 88)

Chunkbase Map - Minecraft 1.19 Seed 2296616468809785931Chunkbase Map – Minecraft 1.19 Seed 2296616468809785931


Village Kingdoms

Village Kingdoms

Seed: 565535403532980236
Coordinates of Screenshot:: X: -240 Z: -464

In a circle around spawn, you’ll find seven villages – and three Ancient Cities in the middle.

If you like building mega-projects, you can create a city in each village and connect them. Alternatively, you can dig down and claim the Ancient Cities for yourself.

If you explore a little further, there’s a Badlands biome to explore as well as a Zombie Village to find.


Ancient City (X: -200 Y: -51 Z: 104)Nearest Plains Village (Plains Village)Closest Savanna Village (X: 192 Z: 384) Zombie Plains Village (X: -2,032 Z: -1,360)

Chunkbase Map - Minecraft 1.19 Seed 565535403532980236Chunkbase Map – Minecraft 1.19 Seed 565535403532980236


Mushroom Island

Mushroom Island

Seed: 7749012223532925400
Coordinates of Screenshot:: X: 1 Z: 327

This has to be one of the biggest Mushroom Field islands I’ve ever come across in Minecraft. The island is fun to explore and perfect to settle down in.

The island is surrounded by a ring of Ocean Monuments. Additionally, there are multiple biomes to explore in the west. You’ll also find multiple villages; you can choose which ones you’d like to raid. Alternatively, you can head east and find a colder climate with snowy villages and igloos.

Either way, this is one of the best 1.19 seeds for looting and collecting building materials.


Ocean Monument (X: 664 Z: 136)Taiga Village (X: 832 Z: 1,088)Plains Village (X: 1,216 Z: 656) Igloo (X: -984 Z: 1,384)

Chunkbase Map - Minecraft 1.19 Seed 7749012223532925400Chunkbase Map – Minecraft 1.19 Seed 7749012223532925400


A Plain Start

A Plain Start

Seed: -1718501946501227358
Coordinates of Screenshot:: X: 151 Z: -222

This Minecraft 1.19 seed is precisely what its title says. You spawn in a massive Plains biome with ample space to build a fantastic city.

Multiple villages are relatively close to spawn and a river network to explore. You’ll find multiple villager occupations and trades with villagers in different biomes.

You can also head southeast to find an abandoned zombie village. Or, if you’re looking for an Ancient City, you can head west from spawn to the coordinates below.


2nd Village (X: 304 Z: 32)Savanna Village (X: -208 Z: -368)Zombie Desert Village (X: -928 Z: 1,424) Ancient City (X: 2,120 Y: -51 Z: 24)

Chunkbase Map - Minecraft 1.19 Seed -1718501946501227358Chunkbase Map – Minecraft 1.19 Seed -1718501946501227358


Woodland Mansion Sinkhole

Woodland Mansion Sinkhole

Seed: 8486214866965744170
Coordinates of Screenshot:: X: 714 Z: -676

This 1.19 seed may seem simple, but the terrain generation makes it worthwhile.

If you head to the above coordinates, you’ll find a Woodland Mansion next to a deep cavern. With rivers flowing into the massive hole, it’s an impressive sight. This world will give you access to resources to mine and a whole mansion to make your own.

There are also a couple of witch huts and villages to find. You’ll find the coordinates for these below.


Witch’s Hut 1 (X: 584 Z: -456)Witch’s Hut 2 (X: 280 Z: -648)Ocean Monument (X: -296 Z: -248) Taiga Village (X: 1,312 Z: -544)

Chunkbase Map - Minecraft 1.19 Seed 8486214866965744170Chunkbase Map – Minecraft 1.19 Seed 8486214866965744170


A Lush Escape

A Lush Escape

Seed: 2339292533432166200
Coordinates of Screenshot:: X: -51 Z: -60

Sometimes a colder world is fun to explore. This seed plants you into a Taiga biome with rivers and snowy peaks to explore.

You’ll find an exposed lush cave on the side of a nearby mountain. The cave offers an escape from the freezing mountainscape with warm pools and glow berries.

Once settled in, you can explore further and discover igloos, villages and an Ancient City.


Ancient City (X: -280 Y: -51 Z: -136)Ruined Portal (X: -248 Z: 168) Taiga Village (X: -352 Z: 240)Igloo (X: 328 Z: 56)

Chunkbase Map - Minecraft 1.19 Seed 2339292533432166200Chunkbase Map – Minecraft 1.19 Seed 2339292533432166200




Seed: -9212153575171382386
Coordinates of Screenshot: X: -350 Z: 255

If you enjoy island survival, then you won’t want to skip this Minecraft 1.19 seed. You spawn on a fantastic island that cliffs off into the ocean. A Plains Village and a shipwreck are on the island – perfect for lore.

There’s an additional island just north of spawn with a small mountain biome. There’s plenty of dry land to build upon before moving below the waves. In addition, a fleet of shipwrecks surrounds the island, holding a ton of loot.


Plains Village (X: -352 Z: 304)Closest Shipwreck (X: -344 Z: 24)Closest Ocean Monument (X: 168 Z: 328) Distant Plains Village (X: 1,168 Z: -304)

Chunkbase Map - Minecraft 1.19 Seed -9212153575171382386Chunkbase Map – Minecraft 1.19 Seed -9212153575171382386


Mined Into An Ancient City

Mined Into An Ancient City

Seed: 1122571436598192583
Coordinates of Screenshot:: X: 18 Y: -44 Z: -162

The last two seeds on our list highlight the fantastic generation of Ancient Cities in Minecraft 1.19.

Once spawned, you can head straight down and find a Deep Dark biome that contains one of these cities. Then, you can sneak through the dark and loot the runes or climb up into an abandoned mineshaft.

The mineshaft offers an escape from the Warden’s domain but holds its own dangers. This isn’t a seed for the faint-hearted.


2nd Ancient City (X: -184 Y: -51 Z: 104)3rd Ancient City (X: 424 Y: -51 Z: 168) Plains Village (X: 80 Z: 304)Ruined Portal (X: -296 Z: 200)

Chunkbase Map - Minecraft 1.19 Seed 1122571436598192583Chunkbase Map – Minecraft 1.19 Seed 1122571436598192583


Ancient Nation

Ancient NationSource: Chunkbase

Seed: -8169586992898948313
Coordinates: X: 792 Z: -648

If you thought our seed with 15 Ancient Cities was impressive, wait till you explore this one.

While villages sprawl the terrain above, the Deep Dark spreads underneath. There are at least 25 ancient cities in this one Deep Dark biome. So when you’re ready, say goodbye to the sunlight because you’ll be down there for a while.

This is one of our most impressive seeds and the best Minecraft 1.19 seed we’ve come across so far!


Plains Village (X: 64 Z: 48)Savanna Village (X: 544 Z: -160) Desert Template (X: 856 Z: -328)Nearest Ancient City (X: 600 Y: -51 Z: 936)

Chunkbase Map - Minecraft 1.19 Seed -8169586992898948313Chunkbase Map – Minecraft 1.19 Seed -8169586992898948313


Two-sided Badlands

Two-sided Badlands

Seed: 624411614
Coordinates: X: 78 Z: -155

This seed is perfect if you love building with terracotta or are at least looking for a bunch of blocks to start with. In addition, there are vast mineshafts beneath the surface of these peaks. So it’s an excellent start if you’re looking for loot. Unfortunately, you’ll need to travel some distance to find trees, but you’ll still be able to salvage wood from the mineshafts.

Traveling north, you’ll find a desert zombie village and an ocean monument. There’s a desert temple to the northeast and two villages within early game travelling distance. In addition, there are two ancient cities nearby when you’re ready to face the warden.


Desert Village (X: -992 Z: -1,088)Zombie Desert Village (X: 704 Z: -976) Desert Template (X: 184 Z: -1,256)Ancient City (X: 952 Y: -51 Z: 104)

Chunkbase Map - Minecraft 1.19 Seed 624411614Chunkbase Map – Minecraft 1.19 Seed 624411614

What are Minecraft Seeds?

Minecraft seeds are codes that are used to generate worlds. Every world that you play in has its unique seed. Therefore, if a player finds a fantastic world, they can share the seed with their friends and experience it too.

To enter a Minecraft seed, create a new world. Then, click “More World Options”. Then, at the top of the screen, you’ll find a field that asks you to enter a seed for the world generator.

Entering any of the codes on our best Minecraft 1.19 seeds list will lead to the same world generation. So you’ll be able to explore the same worlds and find the coordinates as shown above.

Final Thoughts

The worlds mentioned above are full of wonders and adventures. You’ll see everything from massive Mangrove biomes to dark and dangerous cities. We hope you enjoy exploring these seeds as much as we did.

However, the Wild Update has been out for less than a week. We can’t wait to see what players find as they explore new worlds!

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