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55+ Best Sweet Potatoes Recipes – What to Make with Sweet Potatoes

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There’s a whole lot to love about sweet potatoes, but best of all is the sheer versatility that comes with these humble spuds. Sure, you can bake them whole, roast cubes or crispy fries, and even toss them on the grill, but those classics just scratch the surface. What I’m trying to say is, there are a lot of ways to get sweet potatoes on the table from morning through night, as a crowd-pleasing side, the main course, or even dessert.

When choosing sweet potatoes, go for medium-sized tubers with unmottled, unbroken skin. If it’s soft or rubbery, or if the skin is wrinkled, then it’s no longer fresh and not worth buying. And while they’re quite similar, there is a difference between yams and sweet potatoes.

Ready for some inspiration? We’re sharing more than 55 of our best sweet potato recipes.

Basic Sweet Potato Recipes

Even if you’ve made roasted, baked, or grilled sweet potatoes so many times you’ve lost count, you might still need to check the recipe for the oven temp or cook time. We get it — us, too.

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Air Fryer Sweet Potato

Even better than the air fryer recipe are the many toppings you can experiement with.

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How to Make the Best Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes

Instant Pot sweet potatoes cook up with irresistibly tender, creamy centers, and pressure cooking them takes half as much time as baking them in the oven. Here’s everything you need to know about making them.

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How To Make the Best Mashed Sweet Potatoes

This recipe comes together entirely on the stovetop and leaves you with impossibly creamy, fluffy and flavored with nutty brown butter and a splash of maple syrup.

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How To Make Baked Sweet Potato Fries

For the crispiest oven-baked sweet potato fries, you need to walk over to the pantry and take out the cornstarch because that ingredient is the secret.

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Air Fryer Sweet Potato Chips

These air fryer sweet potato chips deliver everything you love about the deep-fried version, but require way less oil to make.

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Sweet Potato Breakfast Recipes

Whether you stuff one with yogurt and crunchy things, bake it into a hash, or transform it into pancakes, sweet potatoes make an amazing breakfast.

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Sweet Potato Waffles Recipe

These crisp waffles are full of mashed sweet potatoes, sweet spices, and just a touch of brown sugar.

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Sweet Morning Potato

Stuffed a baked sweet potato with your favorite yogurt, a drizzle of maple syrup and shower of toasted nuts or granola and you’ve got an A+ breakfast.

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Sweet Potato Hash with Caramelized Onions, Sausage & Eggs

The beauty of this savory sweet potato hash is that it mostly gets made in advance, so come morning all that’s left to do it spread it on a baking sheet, crack some eggs on top, and slide the whole thing into the oven.

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Spicy Kale and Sweet Potato Egg Bake

This hearty egg bake is built on a base of thick-cut roasted sweet potatoes. Feel free to get a head start by cooking the potatoes a day or two in advance.

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Sweet Potato Pancakes

This stack is everything you love about fluffy buttermilk pancakes with a lightly spiced sweet potato twist.

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Sweet Potato Soup, Stew, and Chili

Craving something warm and cozy? This lineup offers lots of inspiration for transforming sweet potatoes into a pot of soup, stew, or chili.

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Sweet Potato Soup

This blended soup is velvety and deep from the backbone of roasted sweet potato, warm from the addition of cinnamon and garam masala, and gently spiced with fresh ginger and crushed red pepper.

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Vegan Sweet Potato Chowder

This vegan sweet potato chowder delivers everything you want in a warm fall soup. It has a velvety broth laced with seasonal spices, like sage and paprika, and chunks of tender root vegetables.

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Sweet Potato Curry

Hearty chickpeas and sweet potatoes join forces for a weeknight curry that’s swimming in a creamy coconut milk broth that’s rich with Thai red chili paste and spicy ginger.

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Sweet Potato Side Dishes

A basic roasted or baked sweet potato side is timeless, but for those nights you crave something a little more, these recipes have you covered.

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Butter-Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Trust me when I tell you that these melt in your mouth potatoes are like no other roasted sweet potatoes you’ve ever tasted!

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Garlicky Parmesan Sweet Potatoes

Thick chunks of sweet potato are roasted, then dusted with a snowy layer of nutty Parmesan cheese that crisps up under the broiler.

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Sweet Potato Soufflé

This elegant take on sweet potato casserole is made with whole eggs, spices, and brown sugar, and baked until light and puffed.

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Shredded Cabbage and Sweet Potato Slaw

This winter slaw is loaded with texture, and the sturdy red cabbage and crunchy raw sweet potato hold up Monday through Friday in the fridge.

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Sweet Potato Dinner Rolls

These tender rolls get their pale orange hue and delicate sweetness from mashed sweet potatoes.

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Sweet Potato Casseroles

Sweet potato casserole might immediately make you think of the version topped with marshmallows. Beyond that classic side, though, sweet potatoes are a topping for a riff on shepherd’s pie or in an enchilada-inspired dinner casserole.

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5-Ingredient Enchilada Casserole

With a smart grocery list in hand, you can make easy sweet potato enchiladas with just five ingredients and no tortilla rolling required.

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Scalloped Sweet Potatoes

You’ll find all the usual suspects, like butter, cream, and a shower of nutty Gruyere cheese, plus a sprinkle of fresh thyme and nutmeg to balance the sweet potatoes.

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Sweet Potato Dinner Recipes

Hearty sweet potatoes can play more than just a supporting role on the dinner plate — they can also be the star of a wholesome dinner.

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Sweet Potato Fajitas

These fajitas have roasted sweet potatoes seasoned with cumin and smoked paprika. Stuff them into tortillas and drizzle with a tangy crema.

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Sweet Potato Lasagna

The sweet potato lasagna’s sweetness complements the savory meat sauce.

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Sweet Potato Gnocchi Recipe

Pasta may be a weeknight staple for many of us, but fresh, homemade gnocchi is definitely a special treat.

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Saucy Coconut Collards with Crispy Sweet Potato Rounds

Here, roasted chickpeas are combined with sweet potato rounds (also roasted, to caramelize their naturally present sugars), millet (for its ability to soak up flavors without competing), and saucy, turmeric-spiced collards.

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Sweet Potato Dessert Recipes

Just like the name implies, sweet potatoes come packed with a natural sweetness and creamy texture that makes them a natural fit for pie, cakes, and even an indulgent chocolate frosting.

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Classic Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet potato pie is lighter yet creamier than its pumpkin cousin, with a heavy dose of vanilla and subtle spices.

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Sweet Potato Pecan Cake

Expected to feel warm and comforting with each bite of this Southern-inspired cake.

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“New School” Sweet Potato Pie

This sweet potato pie is a twist on the traditional Thanksgiving recipe. It includes a couple variations: a baked sweet potato pie recipe (with homemade crust), or a crustless custard recipe.

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Chai Sweet Potato Cupcakes

These spiced cupcakes bring the flavor of masala chai to every bite, from the black tea-laced frosting to the fragrant sweet potato base.

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Ancho Chile Sweet Potato Pie

This classic sweet potato pie gets a little heat and smoke thanks to the ancho chile. It’s the perfect pie for your Thanksgiving table and beyond.

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