Bargain Alert: 10% off Nintendo eShop cards at JB Hi-Fi right now

Bargain Alert: 10% off Nintendo eShop cards at JB Hi-Fi right now #Bargain #Alert #Nintendo #eShop #cards #HiFi Welcome to Americanah Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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For no reason at all, and we’re not complaining – JB Hi-Fi has 10% off Nintendo Switch eShop cards later this week.

From September 20th, you’ll be able to pick up all denominations of eShop credit at 10% off. The best way to stretch this discount is to buy a Nintendo Switch Online Game Voucher for $134.95 or of course anything else already on sale. Splatoon 3 still has a double cold coin discount going as well, which combined with the 10% off brings the digital copy to just under $64. (technically the $8 credit you get you’d spend on something else later, but still).

All denominations of cards are up for grabs at the reduced rate;

$60 eShop card becomes $54$30 eShop card becomes $27$15 eShop card becomes $13.50

There’s usually always a big eShop sale in September, so if there’s something you’re waiting on buying – maybe hold out a couple weeks.

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