Bass, Caruso go head-to-head in mayoral debate

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U.S. Rep. Karen Bass and developer Rick Caruso participated in the first one-on-one debate between the two remaining mayoral candidates on Wednesday.

There’s been plenty of drama between the two candidates in recent weeks, and this debate was no exception.

“I think that Los Angeles, it is very clear that we need a new direction,” Bass said.

“I believe our city is in trouble and I want to help,” Caruso said.

The election is 47 days away, and recent polling shows Caruso trailing Bass.

The two candidates addressed homelessness and crime.

“At a certain point in time, you’re going to have to move encampments off the streets because our neighborhoods are so heavily impacted, and you’ll never get crime under control unless you deal with homelessness,” Caruso said.

“We also need to hire officers. We need to bring LAPD up to it’s authorized, budgeted amount, which is about 9,700 officers,” Bass said.

The developer wasted no time going after Bass and her ties to USC, where she was given a scholarship worth almost $100,000. She has denied wrongdoing.

“She got a degree taking less classes than other students took, and then worked with the dean to fashion legislation and pushed through Congress to have taxpayer dollars go back to that same school. She is named critical in a federal bribery corruption case,” Caruso said.

Bass also brought up Caruso’s ties to USC, where he served as chair of the Board of Trustees as the school paid out about $1 billion in settlements related to a a campus gynecologist accused of *** assault.

“I would say the victims of the gynecologist who *** assaulted hundreds of students at USC have asked you to release the report. As chair of the Board of Trustees, he committed to doing an investigation, to do a report, then decided afterward not to release it,” she said.

Election Day is Nov. 8.

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