Battle League Football adds Pauline and Diddy Kong to Wave 2

Battle League Football adds Pauline and Diddy Kong to Wave 2 #Battle #League #Football #adds #Pauline #Diddy #Kong #Wave Welcome to Americanah Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Nintendo also has the second free update Mario Strikers: Battle League Football published today. After Daisy and Shy Guy, Pauline and Diddy Kong are now done in the players tunnel. Pauline is fast and strong, while Diddy Kong is fast and confident in midfield. In addition, with today’s update, the increasingly higher running gear is also available for higher pass and shot stats. Planet has also been added as a stadium.

Wave 3 will follow later in the year with more free content.

Nintendo announced the content post-launch well before the game was released, and free updates have become a tradition, especially for sports games. Mario Tennis Aces had tons of other free characters after launch. That was also the case with Mario Golf: Super Rush.

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