China’s space capabilities threaten the US

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China’s space operations are outpacing the United States by a 2-1 stance, posing an “incredible threat,” the chief warned on Sunday.

General David Thompson appeared on Fox News Sunday, telling moderator Chris Wallace that while the US is “still the best in the world” with its new borders, China is progressing at an “incredible pace”. Confirmed that we are launching many satellites. Space as fast as the United States

“Our abilities are the best in the space world, but they move aggressively,” Thompson said. “They are moving fast and need to adjust their approach.”

The general explained how China threatens the United States from space.

Thompson also said China conducted his anti-satellite test in 2007. This is similar to last month’s Russian demolition test in which the Kremlin knocked out one of its own satellites that had been disabled.

“(The Chinese) have space robots to attack,” Thompson said. “They can perform jamming attacks and laser blending attacks. They have complete cyber skills.”

“It’s an absolutely incredible threat that we have to face now and in the future,” he said.

The Space Force was created to understand these threats and develop tactics and techniques to counter them.

“If they propose to attack us with space robots or otherwise, it is our job in the Space Force to ensure that countermeasures, tactics, and means are in place to prevent the success of this attack.” said Thomson. One method the Space Force uses to counter potential space threats is to launch swarms of low-cost satellites. The individual capabilities of each satellite are low, and together they are comparable to the capabilities of previous satellites that were individually expensive, sophisticated, and launched in small groups. Thompson said the idea was to make attempts to attack these satellites in space “not very worthwhile.”
Thompson, meanwhile, said the United States is seeking to facilitate talks with China and Russia on appropriate and safe behavior in space.

“Discussions are ongoing. They have made proposals, and so have we,” he said, adding that recent negotiations have not progressed much.

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