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Councillor to bring forward a proposal for ‘warm banks’ across Derry and Strabane to help those struggling with energy costs

Councillor to bring forward a proposal for ‘warm banks’ across Derry and Strabane to help those struggling with energy costs #Councillor #bring #proposal #warm #banks #Derry #Strabane #struggling #energy #costs Welcome to Americanah Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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A Derry councillor will table a proposal next week to establish warm banks throughout the district to support people who are struggling with energy costs this winter.

arm banks have been announced by some councils across the UK this winter to protect struggling households from the sky-high price of heating their homes, after the energy price cap rises again in October.

In those areas facilities such as churches, community centres and libraries will be available for people to stay warm during the colder months.

Aontú Cllr for Ballyarnett Emmet Doyle explained that warm banks are effectively places that citizens can go if they run out of energy to heat their homes or are struggling with energy costs.

“They are being rolled out in areas in England and are features in Canada and Germany.

“I want Council to facilitate council owned community centres and all buildings open to the public to be used for this purpose.

“I am asking that we incorporate services that might already be on such as homework clubs or cosy clubs for older people and for Translink to engage with us to ensure people can get reasonably to and from warm banks.”

He will also request that council produce information on any grant schemes, advice or support programmes available throughout the district to be available at these sites.

“I had really hoped we wouldn’t get to the stage where this measure was necessary but Stormont is now useless to people struggling and a paltry £100 from Westminster for those using oil is a disgrace,” Mr Doyle added.

“Many community groups are already doing their best to support people and Council needs to back that up through these facilities, so we will demand that the Executive, not ratepayers, pay for the increased heating bills for buildings.

“90 MLAs on full pay at Stormont can’t continue to play the blame game whilst people freeze and so Council is forced to step in and I want to use those resources in the best way we can this winter especially for those families with small children and older people who may struggle.”

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