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Did Taylor get through to Monte?

Did Taylor get through to Monte? #Taylor #Monte Welcome to Americanah Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Taylor Hale Big BrotherWe’re closing in on the end of day 76 in the Big Brother 24 — we’re inching closer to the finale, just like we are inching closer to the eviction show on Thursday.

So what is going to happen there? Based on what we’ve seen so far on the feeds, it does already feel pretty darn clear: We’re going to see Brittany go to jury. Ever since her conversation with Monte earlier she’s resigned herself largely to her fate and wished that it could just get here already. Mostly, she’s frustrated — she’s got all of this data and evidence that she could present Monte, but doing that would show in itself how much she knows and has studied the season. That’s what he is worried about.

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Tonight, Monte continued to push to Taylor that he just doesn’t think Turner is going to be good at any sort of memory comp; hence, why it would be great to take him to the final three. However, Taylor countered by saying that if she won part 1 and him part 2, it wouldn’t matter what happened in part 3. She also told him that if they were in the final three together with Brittany, she would still take him to final two — she doesn’t want to take the easy road, and she referenced Xavier last season not taking Azah, even though he could’ve beaten her instead of Derek. She realizes that it’s not a slam-dunk she beats Monte, but she told him she would take the risk.

(Remember, Taylor’s said a lot of things tonight — including that she wants to just cuddle and kiss Monte after all the drama overnight– that may just be her telling Monte what he wants to hear. She’s still playing the game.)

Monte also promised Taylor tonight again that he’d take her to final two, though he’s also said that before.

The biggest issue is that Monte is stubborn and Taylor realizes that. We don’t think she’ll be able to convince him to take out Turner even if there is some logic to it. He’s had a LOT of time to himself as of late and he could be studying. The thing that nobody in the house seems to be considering right now is that sometimes, the third part of the final HoH is largely a crapshoot to guess how a given juror would answer a question. That’s not something studying can really help you for and it’s more of a test of social relationships. If that’s the comp at the end, we’d rather have Brittany there over Turner, who by and large has had a great social game.

If you were Taylor or Brittany now in Big Brother 24, what other arguments would you make?

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