During her tour to the US, FM Sitharaman meets with the executives of FedEx, Mastercard, and other companies

During her tour to the US, FM Sitharaman meets with the executives of FedEx, Mastercard, and other companies #tour #Sitharaman #meets #executives #FedEx #Mastercard #companies Welcome to Americanah Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Thursday met with CEOs of major American companies including FedEx and Mastercard to discuss various investment opportunities in India, the world’s fastest growing major economy. The Treasury Secretary is in the US to attend her Spring 2022 meeting of the IMF WB.
Raj Subramanian, FedEx’s president and CEO nominee, said in a meeting with the finance minister that he has a positive view of India and has significant expansion plans, including in the area of ​​skills.

PM Gati Shakti aims to reduce logistics costs, increase throughput and shorten turnaround times. The plan aims to bring more power and speed to projects by connecting all involved departments in one platform. According to the 2021-22 Economic Survey, India is expected to grow by 8-8.5% in the current financial year ending March 2023. Subramanian added that the national logistics policy announced in the budget is a key element for the Make in India strategy.

Acknowledging the government’s commitment to integrated development through Prime Minister Ghatishakti’s Master Plan, Subramanian said the company is eyeing his R&D center in India and sees great opportunities for growth in India. Last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Rs 10 crore Multimodal His Connectivity Master His Plan aimed at reducing logistics costs and developing infrastructure to boost the economy.

Sitharaman also met with Accenture Chairman and CEO Julie Sweet. “Praising the proactive and transparent approach of the Indian government, Sweet said @Accenture is focusing on upskilling its workforce to prepare for new opportunities as it expands into new Tier II cities in India. Sweet also revealed that 47% of employees working in India are women,” the Ministry of Finance said in a tweet. Ms Sweet said the Indian government is taking steps to make India the best place to invest, with a focus on listening to and supporting the business community.

In another such engagement, she met Punit Renjen, global CEO of consulting firm Deloitte. “@PunitRenjen said @Deloitte is expanding its operations in India to smaller cities such as Coimbatore and Bhubaneswar. He also said he had developed a tool for #ClimateAction and championed #ClimateAction in India,” read another tweet. The country is an attractive investment destination and this will be India’s century, Mr Renjen said.

In his meeting with Miebach, his CEO of Mastercard, Sitharaman updated him on the government’s commitment to digital financial inclusion with a focus on women and small businesses through the development of best-in-class homegrown technology solutions.  “FM Smt. @nsitharaman asked @MiebachMichael @Mastercard how lessons learned from India’s #FinancialInclusion program can be used to create solutions for the world. Mastercard highlighted its plans to build a large data center in India and its focus on educating and digitizing SMEs.

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During her tour to the US, FM Sitharaman meets with the executives of FedEx, Mastercard, and other companiesCheck all news and articles from the latest Business news updates.

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