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Is Brittany resigned to her fate?

Is Brittany resigned to her fate? #Brittany #resigned #fate Welcome to Americanah Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Brittany Hoopes Big BrotherWe’re a little over two days removed now from the next Big Brother 24 eviction show, otherwise known as the one that sets the final three.

Has there been any drama at all today in terms of what’s going to happen in the vote? Not really; heck, there’s barely been anything at all when it comes to activity in the house. The backyard is seemingly done for the season at this point, and that means fewer places to have private conversations. There’s also not that much of an incentive at this point if you are some people in the game.

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The only person who really needs to do a lot of talking is Brittany and, at least for now, she seems okay with just sitting back today and not fighting further to Veto Holder Monte. Most of the conversations that she’s had have been casual, or about past seasons of the series. She admitted yesterday that she has little to no chance of swaying Monte and at this point, she’s at a loss. Taylor has tried to rally for her, but over the past 24 hours we’ve seen her casually accept that it won’t happen and she’ll have to trust Monte that he’ll take her to final two over two. We just don’t think Taylor likes it, since she understandably wants a sense of authorship over her game, especially at this point. It’s why if she DOES take out Monte at the final three, we do think that the jury would have a lot of respect for that.

(If you missed it, Taylor and Monte were sort of back to their showmance earlier today — it’s hard to say if there are game implications in there or not at this point. Things get so complicated late in the season.)

Before the eviction, the one thing we wonder is if we’re going to be getting at least one more push from Brittany — you might as well try, right? There’s just no pressure to do that today since Turner could rush back with an argument of his own.

Do you think that Brittany could do anything moving forward within Big Brother 24?

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