‘It has never been this bad, ever’: Woman robbed at gunpoint near jewelry store in downtown Los Angeles

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A woman was robbed at gunpoint in a downtown Los Angeles parking garage in broad daylight Tuesday morning, the latest in a series of robberies and thefts at and near jewelry stores.

The robbery took place just before 11 a.m. at a garage at 639 S. Broadway, which is located near the St. Vincent Jewelry Center, General Manager Nejdeh Avedian said.

The robber is believed to have entered the garage from the street and waited near the elevators for the victim, whom he approached from behind with a gun in one hand.

Video footage shows him grabbing the woman’s wrist and demanding jewelry and other items from her purse before running away.

“Obviously she was in shock … She couldn’t believe it was happening,” Avedian said.

The suspect didn’t make it very far, Avedian added.

“Because of all the cameras we have, we were able to not only capture his face but also the license plate of the car that he was driving,” he said.

Beverly Hills police announce multiple arrests in March smash-and-grab robbery of jewelry store

Avedian said police told him that the suspected robber was arrested Tuesday night, but the Los Angeles Police Department has not yet responded to KTLA’s request for more information.

In the meantime, Avedian said the recent crime spike is “frustrating” for him, both as the manager of a jewelry store and “as an Angeleno.”

“It has never been this bad, ever … Unfortunately in the times that we are living in, with the situation with people being able to get out of prison or get out of jail without getting any kind of repercussions, people have to be a little bit more careful,” he said.

Starting Friday, armed guards will be stationed in that parking garage.

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