Jaguars channeling ‘Sacksonville’ days as they dominate the Colts

Jaguars channeling ‘Sacksonville’ days as they dominate the Colts #Jaguars #channeling #Sacksonville #days #dominate #Colts Welcome to Americanah Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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The Colts entered this game battered. On defense they were out their three-time pro bowl linebacker Shaquille Leonard and cornerback Kenny Moore. On offense, they were missing two top receivers in Michael Pittman and rookie Alec Pierce.

This really made the Colts one-dimensional, so for the Jaguars, stopping Jonathan Taylor was key.

There were a couple different ways they went about this, but it all started with the pressure they brought up front. On the very first drive the Jaguars started with a five-man front.

The defensive line wanted to make the Colts believe that the middle of the field was open for the taking while clogging it at the snap. This is why they lined up in a 2-3 technique over the offensive guards, instead of over the center.

With the heavy side of the unbalanced line on the strong side (left) of the offense and Josh Allen crashing down from the right side, the linebackers and strong safety who was lined up in the box replaced Allen to the right, funneling the run to the middle.

Taylor rarely bounced the play to the outside because the Jaguars’ linebackers would be containing as they are athletic enough to run him down. This unbalanced look and containment happened again and again all throughout the game.

In the clip below, it’s second-and-10 after an incompletion on the same drive. The Colts are attempting to get the run going once again.

So, the defensive line again lined the heavy side of the unbalanced line is on the strong-side of the Colts offense. Which initially would force Taylor to either go up the middle, or bounce it to the single side of the defensive line.

With Walker playing contain to the outside, Taylor decided to try and push it up the gut.

Taylor saw the unbalanced line to his left, but didn’t trust his blockers, so he tried to force his way up the middle. By the end of the first half, Taylor had only five carries for four yards.

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