League of Geeks presents the remake of Soleimus Inferno

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Remember Hell alone? Probably not since it did not have a great commercial success, however this turn-based strategy released at the end of 2009 still managed to carve out a certain following, becoming a real cult video game. Now, thirteen years later, League of Geeks has announced the remakeout next year on PC.

The developers decided to give life to a reinvented version of the videogame created by Victor Davis who pits the archdevils of hell against each other to claim the throne of Pandaemonium. The game is inspired by Paradise Lost, the epic poem written by John Milton in the second half of the 17th century.

“The original Solium Infernum is one of the most amazing video games ever made. His Milton-inspired, evocative vision of hell and deep focus on political intrigue are unlike anything else on the market, ”said Trent Kusters, co-founder and director of League of Geeks. “We are proud and excited to bring Solium Infernum into the spotlight, as it has always deserved!”

In Solium Infernum all participants play simultaneously in each round, and each player is able to see the plans of the enemies only after making their own choices. The game will offer a full range of experiences, from 2-4 hour single-player games to epic week-long six-player multiplayer games that require only a few minutes of play per day. You will be able to select one of the eight archdevils at the start of a game, then customize its defining perks to suit different playstyles. After that it will be up to each player enact secret plans for *** over Hellmastering the five spheres of evil (wrath, deception, prophecy, destruction, and charisma), and commanding demonic legions and praetors to conquer the places of power and claim powerful artifacts.

The remake of Solium Inferno will be available on PC via Steam in the course of 2023.

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