Logitech Announces G Cloud with Xbox and GeForce Now Support

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Logitech has announced the G Cloud, an Android handheld gaming console that is compatible with Xbox Cloud Gaming, Steam Link, and Nvidia’s GeForce Now.

Released October 17 for $349.99, the G Cloud features a 7-inch HD touchscreen, 12+ hours of battery life, haptics, gyroscope, and remappable controls.

Logitech G Cloud was developed in partnership with Tencent Games and supports cloud streaming from a variety of apps, as well as the ability to stream local games from an Xbox console using the Xbox app, your Steam games via SteamLink, or download apps remote gaming and more.

“Cloud gaming is a super exciting new way to play. I love that you can access game libraries from anywhere,” said Ujesh Desai, vice president and general manager of Logitech Gaming.

Logitech Announces G Cloud with Xbox and GeForce Now1 Support

“What we wanted to do was challenge ourselves to build a device that was perfectly optimized for cloud gaming. This meant precision controls, similar to those of a high-end Xbox controller, a large HD display, incredible battery life, and a lightweight design so gamers can enjoy long gaming sessions, without compromise.”

Catherine Gluckstein, VP of Xbox Cloud Gaming, added: “Handhelds are the natural next step in our cloud gaming evolution, and it’s great to see a world-class hardware leader like Logitech optimize Xbox Cloud Gaming for your gaming experience. new device.

“You can get in with ease, wherever you are, and take advantage of the 16:9 full-screen display. With longer battery life, built-in Wi-Fi, and ergonomic controls, Logitech G CLOUD will let you progress through campaigns or connect to a multiplayer session wherever it’s most convenient for you.”

For those who pre-order now, Logitech G Cloud is $299.99 for a limited time.

Logitech Announces G Cloud with Xbox and GeForce Now Support

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