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Mithai 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Sid plans a surprise birthday celebration for Mithai

Mithai 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Sid plans a surprise birthday celebration for Mithai #Mithai #22nd #September #Written #Update #Sid #plans #surprise #birthday #celebration #Mithai Welcome to Americanah Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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The episode begins with Mithai in her room crying reviewing Sid’s words that they don’t match one another. Sid reviews everybody’s words that Mithai is his better half and they love one another. Mithai asks Gopal Ji to deal with Sid. The following day, Mithai us going to take off from the house with her sack. Harimohan asks Mithai where are you going in the early morning with the sack? Mithai says I’m going to sanctuaries to petition God for Sid’s wellbeing.

Harkmohan asks did Sid say anything? Mithai says Sid is definitely disapproving of my visit so I will leave from here for certain days. Hari Mohan asks where is she going. Mithai says I will remain where Gopal stays. She demands him to make her leave. Hari Mohan turns. Mithai opens the entryway, a couple of thugs are remaining outside, they hit her on her head and they go inside the house. Hari Mohan and everybody ask the Hooligans who are they. Mithai falls oblivious. Hooligans spellbind everybody. Pramod and Shubham likewise stroll in with them.

Sid comes there and asks who are they. Pramod says they are our men. Sid shares with Shubham you did this. Shubham says your granddad and Father choose to give me only one shop from his property as a gift and I’m not intrigued by it so presently I’ll grab everything. Sid says Father considered you as his child and how might you do it with your loved ones? Shubham says this is your family, not mine and I’m here to get my right on this property. Sid asks who ruined him. Pramod says as of recently your Father used to control him however presently Shubham assumes command of himself and I’m his battery.

Shubham says I will send thugs assuming that they consent to give him property. Girish reproves him. Shubham calls him by name. He requests that Sid make his granddad and Father sign the papers. Sid whips hooligans making with other relatives. Shubham slaps Sourya. Girish stops Shubham and slaps him.

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Hari Mohan requests that Karishma call the police. One hooligan chokes Abhishek and Girish. Mithai acquires cognizance and attempts to stop them. Seeing this Sid reviews past occurrence streaks. Mithai attempts to beat him with a stick however another thug holds it. Sid recalls everything. Hooligan is going to hit Mithai yet he stops him and beats him saying how challenge he to contact his better half.

Relatives feel blissful hearing it. Police come there and captures them. Sid inquires as to whether she is fine. Mithai says I’m fine. Controller asks what they have to do with Shubham and Pramod. Hari Mohan requests that he capture them. Mithai says Shubham Ji you did a misstep and you will lament your activities. She lets Pramod know that he merits discipline as he didn’t change even in the wake of getting an opportunity. Shubham apologizes to them for his mix-up. Police take them.

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