Mps: Tesoro and Anima are ready, we need an assist from Draghi (and not from Meloni)

Mps: Tesoro and Anima are ready, we need an assist from Draghi (and not from Meloni) #Mps #Tesoro #Anima #ready #assist #Draghi #Meloni Welcome to Americanah Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Mps ready for the capital increase, but there is the knot of redundancies: this is why Mario Draghi and not Giorgia Meloni will give her the cards

Tomorrow, Thursday 15 September, the MPS assembly will complete the formalities regarding the long-awaited capital increase. An operation from € 2.5 billionwhich will see the simultaneous commitment of Tesoro and private shareholders including Anima Holding. A fundamental step for the Italian economy as a whole, given the importance of Mps in the country-system, with all the implications that in its history have concerned various aspects from the employment to the political one.

Precisely on this front, however, there is an aspect that affaritaliani.it can reveal, regarding who will be pulling the strings of the future of the Sienese bank. Brothers of Italy, thanks to the polls that allow it to “see” the electoral triumph, would like to postpone any decision to the formation of the next government, of which Giorgia Meloni obviously aspires to be the Premier. A legitimate ambition, also expressed by the economic manager Maurizio Leobut that clashes with a fundamental fact.

A decisive part of the plan for the relaunch of MPS are early retirements, approximately 3,500, which will become more difficult after November 30th. This is because the rule introduced in 2016 by the Renzi government will expire, which allows for early retirement for bankers, on a voluntary basis and seven years in advance of the deadline, instead of the canonical five.

After the deadline of November 30, we will return to the previous regime, but this will significantly reduce the number of possible early retirements, complicating a project that – in fact – represents a fundamental dossier for the country. How can you get out of it? There are only two ways. If the intention is confirmed to leave the ball in the hands of the winner the elections of 25 September, there will inevitably be a race against time which foresees the installation of the new Parliament, the formation of the new government (always a complex operation) and an agreement by the new majority on this point, which in record time will have to churn out an extension. Very risky.

Otherwise, and this is the most probable hypothesis, Mario Draghi will once again remove the chestnuts from the fireapproving in recent days of government the aforementioned extension … perhaps together with the correction of the amendment on the roof to the salaries of managers that so infuriated the outgoing Premier (and millions of Italians struggling with the carobollette).

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#Mps #Tesoro #Anima #ready #assist #Draghi #Meloni

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