Omarion on O’Ryan’s Nude Jumping Jack Video: ‘Sometimes You Want to Put Your D*ck Out There’

Omarion on O’Ryan’s Nude Jumping Jack Video: ‘Sometimes You Want to Put Your D*ck Out There’ #Omarion #ORyans #Nude #Jumping #Jack #Video #Put #Dck Welcome to Americanah Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Over the summer singer-turned-content creator O’Ryan dropped jaws when he dropped drawers and took the net by storm with a video of himself exercising in the buff (as we reported here).

And though he eventually apologized for the R-rated clip, his big brother, GRAMMY-nominated music star Omarion, is a lot less remorseful for the hoopla the “leaked” visual caused.

Look inside to hear him weigh in on the matter for the first time publicly.

Taking to Angela Yee‘s ‘Lip Service’ podcast, O – hot on the promo trail in support of his recently released book ‘Unbothered: The Power of Choosing Joy’ – covered a multitude of personal subjects including getting circumcised, practicing celibacy, how to take the perfect ‘d*ck pic,’ and more.

With *** being such a prevalent topic of the conversation, Yee took the opportunity to ask the former B2K frontman about his younger brother’s viral full frontal moment (as seen in the video above).

“Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that,” said O before later continuing, “The thing about us saying, particularly my brother, that he has a way of expressing his ***, and I would like to add, as a masculine man. A lot of the times, women feel like that looks like promiscuity, but it’s not.”

All-in-all, the 37-year-old likened the event to what ladies do all the time for attention.

“Just like women express thelmselves, men want to express themselves, too. Prince did that,” he shared. “It’s so many artists—he was able to express himself and masculine men want to, sometimes, just like y’all put your a** out there on the line, sometimes you want to put your d*ck out there. Like, ‘Hey baby, I’ll hit you in the head with this mothaf*cka!’”

See the full interview below.



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