Penny Blood Shares 4.5-Minute Visual Director Interview; English Subtitled

Penny Blood Shares 4.5-Minute Visual Director Interview; English Subtitled #Penny #Blood #Shares #45Minute #Visual #Director #Interview #English #Subtitled Welcome to Americanah Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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The official YouTube channel for the recently kickstarted JRPG, Penny Blood, has shared a new English subtitled interview with the game’s visual director Tsuyoshi Watanabe.

He emphasizes how he is crafting a mature and grotesque visual style with an American comic-style shader for added uniqueness. Watanabe also briefly shares his thoughts on the character designs, Armed Fantasia, and more.

In Penny Blood, Matthew will explore several corners of the world, such as America, Japan, China, and Europe, and encounter countless individuals reacting to the new plight differently. However, “Penny Blood tells the tale of a man who must become that which he seeks to vanquish.”

The world map has a bird’s-eye-view, acting as a conduit for players to reach detailed areas housing merchants and countless odd happenings. Combat utilizes the Psycho Sigil battle system, where players must react at the right time during attacks to maximize damage output. Additionally, the Fusion system allows party members to transform and use more destructive skills.

Sanity Points are lost when interacting with demons too frequently, ultimately causing allies to succumb to madness. Their common sense deteriorates with the benefit of drastically increased strength, which might just turn the tide of battle.

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