Pico 4, the Virtual Reality viewer that wants to compete with Quest 2

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Meta is the manufacturer of Virtual reality more recognized among the public, thanks to the success of Oculus Quest 2. However, the market is still young and continues to receive many new proposals. the of Pico 4 It is one of the most serious and promising we have seen so far.

Pico, a Chinese company that was bought by ByteDance (the conglomerate behind the platform TikTok) today announced Pico 4, a new viewer that will be released in the coming months in Japan, South Korea but also Europaat a price from 429 euros.

Pico 4

Pico 4, the VR viewer that wants to compete with Quest 2

Pico 4 is a viewer of wireless virtual reality with a light and elegant design, very ergonomic controls (and similar to those of PS VR2) and a screen with a wide range of vision, 105º, which will contribute to immersion.

Pico launched earlier this year the Pico Neo 3 Linkthe first to arrive in Europe, but it was just a prototype of Pico 4, which improves everything (and in fact owners of Pico Neo 3 Link will receive a 35% discount on Pico 4).

Pico 4

Its great advantage is pancake style lenses They allow it to be much more comfortable and offer better visibility than the Quest 2, which uses the more traditional fresnel lenses (just like the future PS VR2). This will allow the lenses to be lighter, 295 grams.

With the head strap, order 586 gramosaccording to Pico’s figures, but by accommodating the battery in the back of the headbetter distributes weight for more comfort, and the closeness of the lenses to the eyes thanks to pancake lenses can help make your range of vision (105º) appear greater than it is.

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The Pico 4’s processor is the same as the Quest 2 and most VR headsets, a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2, and they offer a resolution of 2160×2160 per eye.

The viewer will also have an RGB camera that will allow see through color viewfindermuch better than the grainy black and white image of Quest 2. As for its controls, which use AA batteries, they will offer an advanced HyperSense haptic sensation.


The Walking Dead PS VR2

What about the games? Pico 4 will be compatible with the thousands of games on the platform SteamVRvia streaming from a Gaming PC (you will not have a wired connection).

Entre los juegos confirmados están The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution, Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom, Ruins Magus, Green Hell y Ultimechs.

Pico has already been done with a partner, Ubisoft, which has confirmed the first Pico 4 exclusive gamenothing less than… Just Dance VRwhich will undoubtedly put up strong competition with Dance Central and Beat Saber.

Pico 4

In addition, Pico will launch a fitness treadmill that can detect all your body movements and pose, and will have an app intended for physical exercisewhich will count your calorie consumption, exercise plans…

All this, at two prices. A model with 128 GB of storage at 429 eurosand another with 256 GB to 499 euros.

Pico reservations can be made from October, and its launch will begin at the end of the year in Singapore and Malaysia, so we do not expect this promising Virtual Reality headset from Europe until 2023.

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