Superman’s new assistant has an origin story too sad

Superman’s new assistant has an origin story too sad #Supermans #assistant #origin #story #sad Welcome to Americanah Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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They say that “opposites attract”, but that should not necessarily be an entelechy for human relationships. And much less in fiction. If not, let them tell the new sidekick de Supermana character from the DC Universe who has an even more tragic origin than the one possessed by the Man of Steel and the destruction of his planet.

This story has taken place in number 7 of Batman/Superman: World’s Finest, the new series of batman and superman dc comics. A classic for readers. In this installment, a young man named David Sikela lands on Earth. Apparently, he accidentally comes from an alternate Earth. And it is already known that the other dimensions are something… Tricky.

David Sikela is Superman’s new sidekick. What’s surprising, though, isn’t that DC Comics decided to give the Man of Steel a new sidekick. What is truly amazing is that this character has not only lost his family… But in the main DC Comics universe it has been his family that has lost him!

Superman isn’t cut out to mentor a ‘ticking time bomb’

Orchestrated by the great Mark Waid and artist Dan Mora, the seventh installment of Batman/Superman: World’s Finest brings us Bat-Man and the Kryptonian hero in a new adventure where they both watch over a strange breach that has opened in the sky. Suddenly, a small alien ship passes through this “portal” and enters our world.

Superman, as expected, catches the ship and places it in a safe area. Inside they find a young man who says his name is David Sikela. This guy tells them both dc heroes that his parents put him inside a capsule to send him into space.

Empathy for Clark Kent is immediate. After all, he suffered the same fate in the past. When Krypton was about to be destroyed, the superman parents They decided to save their son’s life by putting him in a space pod and sending him to Earth, where due to atmospheric conditions he would be practically a god among mortals.

However, nothing is further from reality. The stories of Superman and David Sikela have nothing in common, except the alien ship. Clark Kent decides to help the young hero and even gives him his own costume. When he demands to see his Earth parents, Davis learns that “he died”. That leads to a tragic meeting with his parents, who tell him that he died at the age of 3.

Boy Thunder - DC Comics

After what happened, Superman and Batman decide to name him Boy Thunder and introduce him to the Teen Titans., who welcome him into their bosom. Apparently, the future of Clark Kent’s sidekick does not look very good. The Man of Steel is going to have a hard time mentoring a boy dealing with a tragic past and a troubled present.

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