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What a mess!

Admittedly, I was really looking forward to seeing this movie, so maybe I just expected too much. Interestingly, I had a strange feeling this wouldn’t work too well, so I didn’t expect that much. And yet, I was very disappointed, because the new Netflix movie The Perfumist is one big mess!

At first, we jump right into not one, but two stories. This means a strangely jumbled and fast-paced beginning which leads to moments that are slow-burn and others that are just plain boring. Mind you, this movie is only 96 minutes long, so that is almost an accomplishment in itself.

If only this movie had actually been about The Perfumist as the title promised. Instead, we get a story mostly about a female detective chasing the killer, who we all know is the perfume maker. Well, if you’re familiar with the story in Patrick Süskind’s novel. Otherwise, you’ll just have to try and keep up!

This detective is named “Sunny” and she’s portrayed by Emilia Schüle (Treadstone). I have nothing bad to say about this actor, but the character is just plain boring in this story.

Sunny is in a relationship with her colleague Juro played by Robert Finster, who was great when he played the title role in the Netflix series Freud, but he’s just boring here. Juro is sometimes in a relationship with Sunny and sometimes back with the mother of his two children, Rosa, and I could not care less about all this.

Where is my story about the serial killer, The Perfumist?

Well, it’s in there somewhere, but only when we get to take time off from all this drama.

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