The Untold Truth Of Abbott Elementary

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If “Abbott Elementary” feels like “The Office,” the similarities go beyond the simple fact that both shows are workplace mockumentaries. Of the 13 episodes in Season 1 of “Abbott,” six were directed by Randall Einhorn, who also serves as an executive producer for the show. Two others were directed by Jennifer Celotta and one was directed by Matt Sohn. All three are alumni of “The Office.” Einhorn directed 15 episodes, while Celotta directed three episodes. Celotta also wrote 11 episodes, and produced a whopping 99 episodes in total. Sohn never directed “The Office,” but was a camera operator on the show for an astounding 176 episodes. Randall Einhorn’s subsequent mockumentary experience also includes “Parks and Recreation” and “Modern Family.”

Needless to say, “Abbott Elementary” was in good hands. However, the cast of “Abbott” is quick to point out that while they appreciate being mentioned in the same breath as such iconic shows as “The Office,” they’d rather encourage viewers to think of “Abbott” as something new. Speaking with the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, actor Lisa Ann Walter said, “What [the crew] put together in terms of style is fresh. I mean, yes, it’s indicative of those other shows, but it seems fresh somehow.” Quinta Brunson agreed, saying, “There are so few mockumentaries, so I understand the comparisons, but… once again, I think ‘Abbott’ is helping people realize that this is a genre in and of itself.”

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