Tony Khan On What He’s Learned Since AEW All Out Altercation

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AEW All Out was a night in history and maybe not in the best way.

Everything that went down on the All Out Pay-Per-View was immediately pushed aside after the post-show scrum and backstage antics turned out to be absolutely chaos that found multiple members of AEW suspended including The Elite and CM Punk. As everyone knows by now, CM Punk’s media scrum comments turned into an altercation between himself, Ace Steele, The Elite and serval AEW coaches and producers. Now, appearing on Busted Open Radio, Tony Khan was asked what he’s learned since AEW All Out and dealing with the fallout of Punk’s comments, plus the altercation.

Don’t forget that you have great people around you, no matter who you are, there are people around you. Everyone has different situations, family, friends, people at work, people at school, but don’t forget there are people who care about you and want to see you succeed. We had a lot of stuff happening, but there are a lot of great people at AEW that want to make the company go and no matter what the problem is, those are people who want to be here and make the company work. Before the Tournament of Champions, a lot of people in the tournament stepped up and said, ‘I don’t care what’s happening, I love this place, I love you and I want to make it great. I’m here for whatever you need.’ To hear those words of reassurance from people like Jon Moxley, Chris Jericho, and Bryan Danielson means a lot. Having a lot of people return, no matter what you think of them, having people who were away, their returns mean a lot. Samoa Joe, who is one of the biggest stars of all time and is a great presence in the locker room, it’s great to have him back. Even MJF, who has made a big difference on TV, I don’t agree with everything he says, but I do think the wrestling fans love to see MJF on shows and it makes a big difference for AEW and Dynamite when he’s there. It’s really been about the fans rallying around AEW and the wrestlers and staff rallying. We’ve seen people do it time after time, whether it was the pandemic lockdown, some of the challenges we faced, the absolute low point of this company when Mr. Brodie Lee was sick, on the verge of passing, and when he passed, rallying around him and his family. That is the most serious example we’ve ever faced and really, compared to that, it’s all kind of…I don’t know what to compare being as serious as that. That’s as big as it gets and puts in perspective everything else that we do. If we all came together and were a family then, we can get through just about anything. For me, I’ve learned a lot, but the most important thing is, whatever position you’re in, if your back is against the wall, just remember that there are people there that you can turn to.”

Tony Khan via Busted Open Radio

also reiterated that he can’t comment about the people who aren’t there. But, he says he cares about the talent that are and aren’t there.

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