Una Vita advances: Felipe is delighted

Una Vita advances: Felipe is delighted #Una #Vita #advances #Felipe #delighted Welcome to Americanah Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Una Vita advances September 22, Felipe is very happy: here are the advances for the episode of the soap opera aired today.

Also today we report the advances for the episode scheduled in the schedule of Canale 5 de A life, that it is gradually approaching its conclusion; Genoveva seems to have reconciled with Aurelio and the two celebrate having finally received the gas formula from Rodrigo.

a life anticipations felipe very happy (One life, Felipe very happy: that’s why, the previews for today’s episode 22 September.

Meanwhile, the neighbors protest against the laboratory while Ramon (unlike Fidel) is devoured by guilt and Felipe faced a new crisis; luckily things seem to be getting better for the lawyer, here are the previews.

Una Vita advances September 22, Felipe is very happy: this is what happens

After a period of absolute serenity and passion with Dori, the news of the possible release of Fausto, the anarchist responsible for the attack, sent Felipe in crisis making him feel bad again.

Fortunately, Dori is close to him and, above all, other news arrives in the neighborhood; in fact, according to the forecasts, the rumor of the killing of Fausto by the police. Officially, the man was killed during an escape attempt, but Ramon knows full well that it was Fidel’s men who carried out the murder.

Hearing this news, however, Felipe calms down; he is really happy about it and thanks Dori for having been by his side again this time. Will the lawyer be able to totally recover and live his relationship with Dori, who, despite the secrets, really loves him?

a life anticipations felipe very happy (Felipe recovers from the crisis and thanks Dori, while Ramon grapples with… that’s what happens in today’s episode.

Who will have to try to find an inner balance is also Ramon, who seems to have regretted having agreed to help Fidel; the Palacios has never been a murderer and, as much as he hates Fausto, now that he has stained his hands with his crime (albeit indirectly) he is devoured by guilt.

The plots in Acaçias are constantly evolving, also with regard to Guillermo and Azucena; therefore stay with us also for the daily previews of the next episodes.

#Una #Vita #advances #Felipe #delighted

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