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Was Brittany Hoopes evicted in fourth place?

Was Brittany Hoopes evicted in fourth place? #Brittany #Hoopes #evicted #fourth #place Welcome to Americanah Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Brittany Hoopes Big BrotherWas tonight the end of Brittany Hoopes on Big Brother 24? We know that this is a really painful time in order to leave the game.

Just think about it like this: After being a part of the game for SO long, we tend to think you’d do anything to stick it out and be there at the very end. It’s an achievement to make it this far! Unfortunately, someone HAS to go, and Brittany has known for days now that it’d be her walking out the door. More than likely she’s never going to see jury house and she’ll shown up to do the deliberation segment that we tend to see on the finale.

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We know that Brittany did at least try a campaign to Monte (the only person voting) over the past few days, with one of her big pushes being that she’s significantly easier to beat than Turner in the remaining competitions. Also, she’s less of a jury threat. There were some compelling arguments no doubt in here, but her big problem is that Monte had already made up his mind the moment he won Veto. He doesn’t trust Brittany, he knows that she and Taylor will take each other to the end, and Taylor has had a final two deal with him for a while. To Monte, an almost-guaranteed spot in the final two is the most precious commodity that he has. He cares about that at the moment so much more than anything else.

Monte also has some personal frustrations with Brittany, dating back to the explanation she gave about why she and Michael held on to what Kyle said for as long as they did. It did benefit her game to discuss it when she did, and this will probably be something that is not fully resolved until after the game.

We will have more on the eviction during the episode; stay tuned!

What did you think about Brittany Hoopes’ time on Big Brother 24?

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