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Where is Brittany Hoopes, Julie Chen interview?

Where is Brittany Hoopes, Julie Chen interview? #Brittany #Hoopes #Julie #Chen #interview Welcome to Americanah Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Big BrotherAre you looking for the interview between Brittany Hoopes and Julie Chen Moonves following tonight’s new Big Brother 24 episode? Through most of the season, we have seen these discussions play out courtesy of the show’s Instagram.

For the sake of this article, though, we should note that things could be a little bit different. Remember that sometimes in the past, we haven’t had extended interviews or even traditional ones with the fourth-place finisher, given the limited time between the end of this show and the finale. This time around, things are even more compressed with the finale set for Sunday! CBS is cutting down on the number of days at the end of the season, which we’re honestly not bad about for a number of reasons. Take, for starters, the lack of great stuff really happening right now on the live feeds.

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There are some things that we’re curious about when it comes to Brittany’s game, regardless of when we get to hear about it. There’s the subject of her and Michael’s overall strategy, their handling of the Kyle situation, and the questions they faced after the fact. Also, there was the sometimes-desperate way in which Brittany played, which did lead to her sharing too much info at times.

Ultimately, one of Brittany’s biggest issues this season may have had a little bit to do with something outside of the game. She talked repeatedly about how much she wanted to make friends during this experience, since she didn’t have that many in Austin. We wonder if that desire did cause her to, at least occasionally, take her eye off the ball a little bit.

What did you think about Brittany Hoopes’ game overall on Big Brother 24?

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