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Why did Jeff Garlin leave The Goldbergs? Murray’s death

Why did Jeff Garlin leave The Goldbergs? Murray’s death #Jeff #Garlin #leave #Goldbergs #Murrays #death Welcome to Americanah Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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The Goldbergs Jeff GarlinWhy did Jeff Garlin leave The Goldbergs? If you are watching tonight’s season 10 premiere, then you know there are big changes ahead.

Let’s go ahead and get the news out there, as it’s been reported for a good while now: Murray Goldberg is dead at the time of the premiere. As a matter of fact, some time has passed since his death. Jeff Garlin departed the show last season following a series of misconduct allegations; for the final episodes of season 9, we saw the extremely awkward situation where the show tried to recreate the character using CGI or body doubles. They couldn’t keep that going for the remainder of the series and clearly, they wanted to ensure that they still could do a season 10.

This is going to be a huge transition for The Goldbergs moving forward and in our mind, there is absolutely no doubt about that. All of us as viewers are going to have to adjust for what is a fairly difficult transition.

With that being said, we understand the decision to kill the Murray character off. It wouldn’t be realistic that the guy would just abandon his family, never to be seen or heard from again. Meanwhile, it would also be pretty hard to envision another actor in the role; sure, recastings do happen, but it’s hard to do that for a show that is so many years in.

The harder challenge creatively for a show like this is rather simple: Being able to still find some of the levity amidst the darkness. We don’t think that will be a particularly easy thing for them to do, since this is a comedy and yet, there has been some tragedy within the world as of late.

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Are you still going to watch The Goldbergs following Murray’s death?

How do you think the show is going to air long-term without him? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! Once you do just that, remember to keep coming back for some other updates. (Photo: ABC.)

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