Xbox receives PC games via the Nvidia GeForce Now upgrade

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The opposite is becoming a reality as Xbox games come to PC through the Xbox app and the Xbox Cloud Gaming service. The expansion of the Nvidia GeForce Now cloud gaming service now lets Xbox gamers play the best PC games on their consoles through the Microsoft Edge browser. For now, if you have an Xbox Series X or Series S console (via The Verge), support for Microsoft’s select browsers, currently based on the Chromium architecture, is now available in beta via his GeForce.

That’s a nice bonus for Xbox Series X and Series S owners, but especially given that consoles are built like gaming PCs, our own Ryan Jones said GeForce Now is your head say you’re not ready to make a – replace your gaming PC. In an article last weekend, he pointed out that some of the most popular game series are missing from his GeForce Now. “I have a hard time thinking of it as a viable alternative to owning my own gaming PC,” he wrote.

Nearly 1,000 games are currently available through GeForce Now, but not available for direct purchase. If you purchased from stores like Steam, Epic Games Store, or UPlay, you can link your accounts to play on GeForce Now. Streaming services are basically trying to make high-end slot machines accessible via the cloud. There is one free tier, each with 1 hour of gameplay. However, you pay £44.99/$49.99 every 6 months for access to a virtual RIG powered by RTX ON, or £44.99/$49.99 every 6 months for an RTX 3080 based rig with HDR up to 4K 120 FPS. You can pay 89.99/$99.99.

Instead, Cloud He thinks his streaming service is perfect for existing He PC gamers who want to keep playing games away from their computer, whether it’s in a hotel, office, or at home over the Christmas holidays. ” However, this could be a nice stopover until Microsoft brings PC gaming to consoles via its own cloud gaming service.

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